How We Started

Gator Cove’s roots stretch back to about 1980 when AuBrey Henderson and wife Bonnie decided to build a garage for their Bluebird bus. When the garage was constructed and Mr. Henderson began to back his bus into it, a loud noise certified that the garage was too low to house it.

After much thought, Mr. Henderson decided to expand his business from their BBQ lodge, which opened in 1978. The “garage” became Gator Cove, specializing in boiled crawfish. The original garage is in the dining room with murals painted on the wall. Another room was then added to accomodate the growing demand for his boiled crawfish. A small menu existed then, which has grown to include many cajun favorites. Gator Cove opened its doors to the public in 1982 and has since attracted Cajun and tourist alike with the delicious boiled crawfish that Lafayette has proclaimed to be “the best boiled crawfish” in town. The Henderson family is proud of their accomplishments and hopes that you, “our guest”, will find everything downright home-like and tasty.

Peggy & Jay Voorhies – Owners